Just thought I'd write to tell you how much I have enjoyed your LearnMetaStock training website...Your LearnMetaStock modules are concise, logical and to the point. New concepts are brought in and used in a number of situations so students can see them in action in various situations which, by the way, then flow seamlessly into other new concepts. All steps and concepts are covered a number of times in your pleasant, relaxed manner. Your backtesting modules knocked it out of the park for me. Backtesting is probably the most important aspect of being a trader, even before money management in my opinion, because if you don't backtest correctly, you'll be out of the business despite the most stringent conservation efforts. I had despaired of being able to backtest in the manner I was philosophically in sync with and accustomed to until you showed me how to do it with MetaStock! Now I'm looking forward to the programming modules because that's the system. Get an idea, write the program, backtest it, change it and test it again as needed all while keeping it simple so you can then apply the trading rules. You're right there on all of it!


First love your service your a fantastic teacher very patient and informative... Finally you put way ahead of where I was ...THANK YOU


I really appreciate your classes, they are so clear and precise. Thank you for a great job.


Thanks for checking, Kevin. I’ve used Metastock before, although a pretty good while back. I really get a lot out of your presentations. The topics are spot on, and easy to follow.


And thank you for all your videos , I've been watching and they are extremely valuable , I am learning many things from them and not just about meta stock.


Your videos and instruction are excellent and very helpful.


I must tell you that I am so happy I found your course. I have been a Metastock customer for many years and I have to admit that I have been using a small portion of it, the charts. Much of the other functionality must have seemed intimidating as I have never felt the motivation to dig in. I must say the MS documentation is also insufficient to be able to teach oneself. I am learning a lot from your course. Thank you for your teaching and explanations.


Your course is the best course I have taken. It combined the mechanics of operating the software to Money management (stops) and trading. I'm grateful to you for putting together such fine teaching and training. I learned a lot just by the review of the Products even though I did not own most of them. Carter's Squeeze for example is free on Thinkorswim but before your course I don't think I paid attention.


Your LearnMetaStock modules are concise, logical and to the point. New concepts are brought in and used in a number of situations so students can see them in action in various situations which, by the way, then flow seamlessly into other new concepts. All steps and concepts are covered a number of times in your pleasant, relaxed manner. Your backtesting modules knocked it out of the park for me. Backtesting is probably the most important aspect of being a trader, even before money management in my opinion, because if you don't backtest correctly, you'll be out of the business despite the most stringent conservation efforts. I had despaired of being able to backtest in the manner I was philosophically in sync with and accustomed to until you showed me how to do it with MetaStock! Now I'm looking forward to the programming modules because that's the system. Get an idea, write the program, backtest it, change it and test it again as needed all while keeping it simple so you can then apply the trading rules. You're right there on all of it!


Thanks Kevin, for the call and help you gave me. The training program is fantastic and so much help provided in the use of the program, even for someone who has been using Metastock for ages. I am able to operate Metastock so much better since I have acquired the ability to use functions that I had largely been unaware of and had resulted in only a sporadic use of Metastock. I am not a big time player but I am sure I will be a better one now with the expertise gained from the Learn Metastock programs. Thanks again.


You’re service is excellent and you have always answered all of my questions promptly and helped my learn whatever it was that I was trying to learn.


Just purchased your tutorial on ETS 2.0 and loved it. Surely beats going through the boring manual. Your added value to it is even better with your own ETS Sample and ETS Sample with NYSE.


I had a chance to watch the Introduction to MetaStock – Part 1 video, and I have to tell you, I am very impressed. I was a little reluctant to purchase MetaStock because of the learning curve, but after watching your first video I feel much more comfortable about this purchase. The Part 1 video is very thorough. You do a great job explaining the features I’m looking forward to learning more about the MetaStock software each day


Thank you for the great training. I should have done this before. This is the essential training prior to mastery of MetaStock.


I will be ending my trial on dec 14 but I must tell you how impressed I am with the subject work and the Lms formulas. Esp impressed with Guppy ma set and liked the way you put your spin on the formulas

well done


I am just going through the videos in your library step by step and I really must say that your trainings are great. All the diffrent topics in the videos I have watched are explained extremely well. I learnt a lot so far.

Thank you again for taking care about me.


Course is excellent so far. Doing my best to learn what I can between work shifts. I try and watch and make notes on one video a day. Really good teaching style.


Great value for the money!Your training has done wonders for me. Still working my way thru the video’s. I am learning the RMO and your training has opened up my eyes big time.


I learnt so much about the power of Metastock. What I also enjoyed was you communication skills. Great delivery, content preparation and subject matter presentation in making so many relevant topics easily understood. It is so obvious that you know so much about the software. From an educational aspect your website is excellent value and what is contained on it is worth more than the money that I paid.


I sincerely believe your company is trying its best to help us make money.


I learnt more about writing MS code in the few days I logged in than the last few years!!


I’m very impressed, congratulations on a truly value added product, looking forward to the next version.


I have been watching your videos and they are outstanding. Are you are full time trader do you trade shares and instruments for a living ?

How did you become so knowledgeable with Metastock ?

I look forward to watching the rest of your videos I am just having trouble taking it all in at once LOL.


Thought the videos were well done and informative. I have 35 Years experience in writing and producing this type on videos and was impressed.


Just to let you know that I think the Learn Metastock seminars that you are running are absolutely fantastic. I've recently purchased Metastock 12, with your help and instructional videos I'm able to make some sense out of it. That and also my subscription with Learning Metastock is the best investment I've made.


Thanks for all the LMS help. You will get my recommendation as a great treacher. Keep up the good work.


Your Web site and the expertise you offer is incredible. Out of all the platforms I own I haven’t seen a person with a private company offer anywhere close to your level of expertise, especially at such a fair price. I need another platform like I need another hole in my head but I will probably end up buying MetaStock solely because of you. Having someone with your skill level teaching what I need to know to customize indicators and back test strategies is so valuable. I probably have 3 $1500 to $2500 platforms that would allow me to do everything you can do on MetaStock and possibly more, but reading a 400 page technical based manual and figuring out on my own hasn’t happened yet, so I’m turning to you.


I wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying your classes. As you may recall I started using Metastock at of the end of last year. I cannot even imagine being remotely successful using MetaStock without going through your classes. I am currently promoting Metastock for some of my friends and I promote your classes as a “must have” when they begin their services. I view at least one of your sessions everyday during my lunch hour. This certainly says a lot about how I enjoy the classes and probably a lot about how boring my life is. LOL


The training has been fantastic! ... MetatStock is powerful -- and overwhelming. I don't know how anyone would navigate without your help! I'm looking forward to using it more in the future and finding higher probability trades because of LearnMetaStock training.


And by the way, you videos are top notch. I've seen alot of investment seminars and I gotta say yours are by far the best. Very easy to understand and follow. Keep up the good work!


Thanx a million and I enjoy your site, and from all the sites I have visited in the past 5 years the most I learned was from your site. Thanx for it.


Thanks again for the great videos, without that I would not have learned Meta Stock, within a week I can already help myself very well


Nice meeting you. Firstly compliments with your training videos!!! Well presented. This is not just plain a compliment, I am a presenter myself for many years, and I do like to give credit where it belong!!!!


Thanks very much. Your site and service are terrific...I only wish more complex software has as good training as you provide!


I think your approach to training excellent. Your videos are well done and easy to understand. You have the art of transmit your knowledge.


You are one to be relied upon when others let's one down.


You do a great job with the videos. What would take me hours to learn on my own is done for a fraction of the time with your instruction.


I think you have one of the best training sites I have ever seen.


Thank you for your response Kevin. Your recorded lessons have been a big help to me. They are really quite well done. I speak from years of being an Information Developer (aka pubs writer) for IBM. I am retired now, but remember well enough the scope of the task to get your head wrapped around the subject to the degree necessary to clearly explain the subject. My hat is off to you. Keep up the good work.


I can not just here to express to you my thanks and gratitude to you and your appreciation of what you've done for me.


I told them that the most valuable person they have on their team (Equis) is Kevin Nelson. The guy I talked to agreed.


They are superb videos that you provide, full of really practical hands on experience that you have gained over the years giving excellent value.


Your videos are really effective. A week ago, I didn't know a MACD from a Big Mac. Now I am starting to understand. (At least understand how much I don't know). But it's a real rush.


I really enjoy your training material. You are a very motivational speaker. Thank you.


You have a great product. It is invaluable.


Your quality of video content format, and audiovisual representation were excellent. I wish all the mushrooming self-claimed trading "colleges and universities" may present half as good as yours.


It is working. Thank you!!!! I am really impressed with the quality and dedication of your team with the customers. Great job.


Just wanted to let you know that I think your presentations are all outstanding. I enjoy working through them.


Thank you Kevin. Your videos have been very helpful and your customer service is outstanding.


Your style is clear and easy to follow. The sequence makes sense. The duration of each video fits my attention span. Your appreciation of the product is infectious. I like your many cautions and admonitions regarding reasonable expectations.


First Let me say thank You for the wonderful wealth of knowledge that is in your website; I learned quite a bit. Second Thank you for the excellent customer service.


" I've been using Metastock for 12 years. I just took a few of the courses here at Breakaway Training Solutions. Incredible!!!

Being a programmer with great experience in the windows environment, I didn't think there was a lot more to learn. I was wrong. Breakaway Training Solutions opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities including quicker setups, better analysis and more efficient ways of trading.

I would highly recommend that anyone that is serious about using Metastock should take this training. It will definitely help your trading."


The content of the information in your web is superb, thank you for the excellent course.


I am really enjoying the Metastock training I have watched a few video's and found them very informative. There's so much information on the site and it is easy to find a webinar specific to your needs (software or trade related) resulting in me navigating the software much more comfortably and having more confidence in my trading.


To say that your classes are excellent and necessary would be stating a given. They really are. What makes them exceptional is your personality:
• You’re attention to detail, showing precisely how to achieve the objective.
• Not assuming all is correct w/MS but challenging them and providing valuable feedback.
• Respecting how difficult learning MS can be and catering to the student’s needs.
• Being curious (a major from my point of view).


You provide a real professional service with solid, practical information and I truly appreciated it. As a former secondary teacher, magazine writer and instructor in corporate benefits, I am experienced in communicating verbally to individuals and classes, and recognized you as an outstanding teacher, thinker and writer. Unfortunately, these are all rapidly disappearing qualities in this ever-increasing technological world.


I thought that the service provided some excellent training for Metastock at all levels of interest


Your videos have been a huge help to me! It is exciting to see that the principles used in trading are not just based on haphazard guesses. After seeing some of your videos and reading some books by Appel, Bollinger, and Elder, I am left with the confidence that it really is possible for folks to make some money trading equities. I look forward to seeing more of the videos you have made in my continuing education.


This is really a great educational set, and was instrumental in selecting MetaStock. Your classes and videos are a real aid to all of this.


Your videos are really excellent, to the point and speedy!


Your course and teaching has been super and money well spent. You explain things in simple terms and I love it.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to a good relationship.

Your advice is very helpful, and cuts down the learning time drastically...

You have a great site, and it is packed with tremendously valuable instruction and tips.


The training classes that you are do are exceptional!


Your page's been a very helpful process. I've learned a lot about trading and Metastock. I also learned that there are still people in this world who really help others (with that I mean you!) . You went way beyond the call of duty to help me, and I really appreciate it. I'll remember you and be grateful 'till the end of my days. THANK YOU!


I want to Thank you for the wonderful classes you are an excellent teacher!


I am very much enjoying the archived video series, and find that the lessons are VERY well presented.

Again, thanks for checking up on me, and congratulations on a top quality web site providing top notch training on unleashing the potential of Metastock.


You have an excellent service. All your webinars are professionally done and present not only Metastock usage, but general investment ideas as well. I highly recommend that anyone owning Metastock should utilize your service.


The content & instruction is excellent.


Your presentation today was – without exception – the most professionally developed and informative I have ever attended. You made the software features accessible in a very succinct, efficient manner while respecting the needs of those in the audience who are new to trading. And although I trade full–time, I am grateful for the catalyst you have provided to get me started with the software – which I've owned for over two years, unused!


Your site is perfect and your training videos are very good. They answered all my questions!!


Kevin, the RMO class was AWESOME! I loved the short cuts and the multiple explorations. Need a pause in the delivery to write down the tricks :) Seeing the explorations and things in action were great.


The challenge with Metastock is that learning to effectively use it’s power and capability can be overwhelming. I would strongly recommend that anyone considering this excellent tool also signs up for at least a quarterly subscription to Live Metastock Training provided by Breakaway Training Solutions. This service has accelerated my ability to use this tool in developing a trading systems that are consistent with my trading beliefs and suit my unique circumstances.


Your videos are spot on. On a scale of one to 100, I’d rate them 100.


I’ve learned a lot, thanks to your class. The content and instruction is excellent.


He is an easy instructor to follow - having spent 12 years teaching I appreciate his style.

There are several things I really like about your service, but most importantly are:
1) The topics were advanced and relevant.
2) The class material was taught in a manner that was very clear and understandable.
3) The applications taught were able to quickly be put to use in MetaStock.


One of the things I really liked was the self-extracting formulas which certainly saved time and avoided mistakes if I had to enter manually. That was really nice. Your webcasts are very well done and it was obvious that you had done your homework.
Thank you for your great service!


Thanks for your help and you have great service !!!!!!


I do want to thank you...for allowing me the opportunity to see your website, which I found to be one of the best sources I have thus far seen for learning more about MetaStock.


Your teaching methods are excellent, I should know, my wife is a retired 30 year educator, and I know a good teacher when I see one.


I am a French individual investor. And even for me, You make it much easier use of Metastock. It is a pleasure to work with you.


I learn a lot, thank to your class... You are an excellent teacher...


I like the fact I can watch your classes anytime I want.


As far as the service goes, I think it's great! I learned quite a bit that I might have never learned about MS had it not been for your service... I think you've got a great service.


Genius!!!! Genius!!!!!...- I am enjoying your videos Kevin - ... Where have you been? Almost 5 years of using metastock and managing my own hedge fund (pretty well) and I did not know as much as I am learning now - Imagine what happens when I am done!...What is Equis waiting for to name you the "God of Metastock" - In Africa, we would call someone like you "Igwe Metastock" (meaning; THE KING OF METASTOCK). My appreciations. Well done!


I've learned more about MetaStock since I’ve joined your service than I have on my own in the last 20 years!


I wanted to thank you for the outstanding presentation on the RMO this evening.


I want to compliment you on the excellent training classes you conduct and the outstanding library of recorded classes you have available as part of your service.


Your training is phenomenal!


I would like to congratulate you on the clear and detailed way you presented the subject matter in the videos. I found them very easy to understand and really got the impression that you sincerely want to help your subscribers to further their knowledge.


I have learned more about MetaStock from watching your videos and attending your evening sessions over the last two weeks than I have from trying to use MetaStock for the last two years. Thank you for the excellent opportunity to learn MetaStock...


The training on your site is excellent... I wish you would have had this site when I first began using Metastock! I would certainly recommend your site to any new users, or to anyone who didn't already have a profitable trading system to follow.


..your classes are priceless!


I’ve been a Metastock user for 15 years, but your courses have taught me so much more than I knew before. I just wanted to THANK YOU.


You have been wonderful to work with and I enjoyed your service


Well done sessions all around. I plan on watching a few more this week (Iím on vacation in St-Lucia right now), while sipping on a nice drink by the side of the beach. My wife thinks Iím nuts! Itís your fault, theyíre too interesting to pass up!


You explain everything in a way that makes even complicated tasks appear simple... Your service has been invaluable. I thank you for always promptly answering my emails. You are doing a fantastic job. You always cover the topic in a logical order and always make it easy to understand.


Your videos and classes and personal help have propelled me through what would have been an impossible learning curve.


It was an excellent class. I think the best Iíve experienced to date... Your improvements in the original article and concept are testimony to the awesome power of MetaStock. I am motived to learning more. Keep it coming. Your guidance and training is well worth its cost.


I have gained much knowledge from your brilliant service and great teaching abilities. The content and teaching has enabled me to navigate through the software which has saved, and this is no exaggeration, years in trying to learn it solo.


The lessons that I listened to were very well presented in a professional, very clear, concise and easy-to-understand manner. I think you are a terrific teacher.


The only presentation I watched was on Equis site - pre-recorded but was not in details as you do - I just watched your RMO ATM - excellent presentation.


Thank you for you all the help and putting together this wonderful site to learn Metastock. After learning Metastock from your training I have a whole new respect for Metastock. I have been to two other seminar, Optionetics and Investools. I like Metastock combined with your training more then the other two I have been to.


Kevin, You totally rule man! I had just read the chapter on Breadth Indicators on Murphy's book, and then took your class on the same subject, and your's was so much better. Thanks!!!


You are one of the best instructors that I have found!


Your training is outstanding!


Your classes are fantastic, easy to follow. I find it so much easier and quicker learning Metastock thru your classes than reading.


I recently enrolled to learnmetastock and I am very pleased with the way that Kevin Nelson explains everything, not only teaches how to use the software but also gives an insight into the technical analysis.


I am very much enjoying the archived video series, and find that the lessons are VERY well presented...Your training is tops!!