Your MetaStock Trainer

Kevin Nelson is the founder of Breakaway Training Solutions, Inc., and He has spent the last eighteen years becoming an expert on technical analysis and MetaStock. Prior to joining Equis International in 1993, Kevin was a stock broker for a well-known NYSE firm. In his role as Sales Manager at Equis, Kevin interacted extensively with MetaStock customers via phone, webinars, and public appearances. That experience enabled him to gain a keen understanding of the needs of technical analysts worldwide. He has spent the last four years traveling the U.S. introducing the MetaStock program to thousands of people and teaching them how to use its many features. His easy-to-understand approach is considered by many to be the best in the industry.

Kevin Nelson

Our Training Philosophy

MetaStock is a complex software program. It offers the most complete package of any technical analysis software program currently on the market. It is so complex, in fact, that many customers merely scratch the surface and fail to fully utilize its powerful tools. offers training solutions so new users can get started quickly, and experienced users can take advantage of advanced features. Courses are designed to build on each other. Simply sign up for a payment plan (monthly, quarterly, or annually) and then take the courses you need, as often as you need them. There are no additional charges.

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